What we Do for You !

Looking for a new car, truck or van? You need the help of a good auto broker.  Let us help!

Make it easy on yourself. Save time, and save money!

A few steps are all you really need to take; no fancy footwork necessary!

Narrow your search down to several choices, preferably just ONE.

Take the time to drive these cars. Narrow down the field that way!

Pick up brochures on your favorite ones and decide the equipment level you need. 

Call us! Put us to work doing all the legwork. We'll work with dealers in our network to find the vehicle you want at the lowest possible price, shop for bids on a trade, if you have one, investigate to see if it is in your best interest to finance through the dealer or take a rebate and get a loan elsewhere, or navigate our way through the process of finding the best lease for you. We'll keep you out of that little glass room at the dealership where most of the damage is done!


Our customers will often tell you that this was the easiest car-buying process they have ever been through, and they'll never do it any other way again. Join the Transportation Advisors family of friends who keep coming back and referring their families and friends.

If you are already a member of the Transportation Advisors family, please write me here! Testimonials are a wonderful addition to this site. I would definitely appreciate it! And, if you have a story or advice in regards to your purchase, your car, or want to share thoughts regarding your car experience, please send that to me also. You may also send me photos via email your photo and story to the following address for website addition:

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