"Thank you for everything!!  You are the best at what you do, and I will always be a client, and I never hesitate to recommend you when someone is shopping for a vehicle...your client list is littered with my referrals because you do such a great job. I'll keep in touch...stay well.

John M., Naples, FL”


“I think we have bought or leased four or five cars through her since 1993, and a few times she has told me to buy a car from the dealer because she can’t get a better deal.  The last time I got a new car, it was through Chyrl.  She had me go to my local dealer and offer to buy it from him.  He wouldn’t come within $1,500 of her price. She had it delivered to me on a flat-bed truck the next day at the price she had quoted. Remember that you still have full access to the service department at your local dealer even if you buy the car someplace else. The service departments are a different revenue source for the dealer, and he is happy to have the factory pay him for your warranty service. The salesman might like you to think that you can’t get good service from his guy unless you buy the car from him, but it isn’t the case!

Tom P., Palm Beach, FL”


“I first met Chyrl in 1996 when I was looking for a new Van for my wife.  My boss had leased vehicles from her in the past and told me that it is the easiest and most convenient way to purchase or lease a vehicle.  I could not believe how she can take all the stress and frustration out of the car buying experience.  I always hated the thought of walking into the showroom and getting bombarded by the group tie straitening, going in for the kill car salesmen.  Since I first met Chyrl I have either purchased or leased 7 vehicles from her, and I will NEVER buy direct from a dealer again, you never get the personal touch from the dealer that you will get from her. I do not see Chyrl as just my Auto Broker, but she has also turned into a friend.   

Ed L., Cape Coral, FL”


"I called late Tuesday and had my call returned early Wednesday, when I described the car I wanted.  A perfect match, sitting in a dealership in the area was found and the car held for me by Thursday quickly followed by a bid for the price and for my trade-in. It all sounded good to me, and by, Saturday the new car replaced the old in my garage.  I signed the papers and wrote a check after I saw and accepted my new car.  It was a great, efficient, very pleasant and completely hassle free experience.  Excellent service!

Bob K., Naples, FL”


"I have been purchasing cars from Chyrl since 1989.  I will never purchase a car any other way.  A few years back, I tried to do it on my own, and will never make that mistake again.  Not only is all the lying and haggling avoided but she is able thrrough her long standing contacts get me a better price than I ever could.  Have you ever noticed those charges for "dealer prep" and "dealer delivery" that you cannot negotiate.  That is like me charging you $10,000 for a surgery I perform and then telling you that you have to pay part of my electric bill!  Well, you never pay those charges with Chyrl!  

Dr Sam M. Horowitz, Miami Florida"


"At age 49, I wanted to buy my first new car.  Having always bought used cars, I was nervous not knowing what I was getting myself into.  I was referred to Chyrl through my boss who purchased cars through Chyrl.  She is the absolute best !!!  Not only did she smooth the process but was very informative.  She made it feel and look easy.  She recommended that I look at the Honda Fit.  I thought it was a small car.  Let me tell you, looks are deceiving.  I loved the car.  I am now the owner of that car thanks to Chyrl.  Thank you Chyrl, Your the best !!!"

Norma Molinet, Hialeah, Florida


"This is the first time I purchased a car without going to a dealer. WHAT A DIFFERENCE Ms. Heyworth was referred to me by a coworker.  I sent her a list of requirements such as make, model, color, accessories, etc.  I GOT THAT AND SO MUCH MORE.  The price was less then what the local dealer was offering and ZERO down payment, while the local dealer required $1,900 down payment.  She went out of her way in accommodating me and said she had a few surprises for me. Because of my work hours, I asked if the car could be delivered anytime during the weekend.  My request was granted as my beautiful new car arrived at my home on Sunday morning to the envy of my neighbors.  The total price of the car, the monthly payments, the service provided, and the professionalism she extended to me were extraordinary, unlike anything I have ever experienced.  I will NEVER to back to a dealership.  Lastly, I highly recommend her to those who want a better deal without the hassles associated with the typical car-buying frustrations.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH CHYRL !!!"

Maria C., Miami, FL     


For fifteen years, and six vehicles, I have worked with Chyrl at Transportation Advisors.  Obviously, the service her company consistently provides in regards to my leased vehicles are superb.  The process is always hassle-free and efficient.  Chyrl is able to take all the stress that a consumer usually encounters with vehicle acquisition completely away!  There is a positive energy in her work and style, which translates to great values for her clients.  Time and time again, Transportation Advisors has “crushed” any deal or offer that I could find for the very same vehicle. Chyrl also provides guidance to her clients when selecting a particular vehicle and the options associated with the product.  All transactions are streamlined, and the cars are always delivered perfectly as promised!

Dr. Mark Singer, Naples, Florida


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